KI GOLD Premium Shampoo / Treatment

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DAENG GI MEO RI Ki Gold Premium Shampoo :
Contains pure medicinal herbal extract (33% or more) It is a mild improved product that is developed by adding the substances of green tea and changpo (Acorus calamus Linne), which have functions of anti-oxidation, skin protection, and heavy metal removal, and detoxification, to Gi-Gold Product. By making medicinal herbal smell softer, this product appeals to both young and old customers. It is a product for all family members.

DAENG GI MEO RI Ki Gold Premium Treatment
Upgraded medicinal herbal extracts increase the moisture holding capacity of the hair and panthenol can make damaged hair into moist and soft.

[Target Customers]
– Consumers who want to prevent hair loss by using hair loss preventive
purpose herbal medicine Shampoo.
– Consumers who want healthy hair.
– Consumers who want soft hair with elasticity.
– Consumers who want to provide nutrition to hair through herbal medicine extracts.

How To Use
1st use: apply moderate amount and Shampoo to remove foreign substances on scalp and hair and clean scalp and hair.
2nd use: upon creating foams by applying appropriate amount on wet hair, softly massage using fingertips for scalp and palms for hair and thoroughly rinse in lukewarm water.


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